Report Vol. 12, No. 4 | December 2002

Report December 2002

An overview of the Institute's recent conference "Economic Mobility in America and Other Advanced Countries" leads off this issue of the Report. The conference encompassed sessions on a range of issues, from the effect of education on intergenerational mobility to the persistence of hardship over the life cycle.

Contents: Conference: "Economic Mobility in America and other Advanced Countries" * New Working Paper topics include: Polish and Italian Schooling Then, Mexican Schooling Now?; Race, Ethnicity, and the Gender-Poverty Gap; the Political Economy of the Euro; Managed Care, Physician Incentives, and Norms of Medical Practice; Should Banks Be Narrowed?; Threshold Effects in the US Budget Deficit; and Financial Globalization * Summaries of Policy Notes on Brazil and the Larger International Monetary Problem and European Integration and the "Euro Project" * New Chair of the Board of Governors * New research staff


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