Jane Kiringai is an accomplished researcher and has served as a Policy Analyst with the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), Macroeconomic Division, for the last five years. During this period she has undertaken extensive research on macroeconomic policy, international trade and poverty, taxation, public expenditure management tracking and efficiency. As a member of the KIPPRA macro modeling team she also provides technical support to the Government through the KIPPRA/Treasury Macro Model, for growth forecasts and projections and in response to other in-depth policy questions. Kiringai is on her final year of a doctoral program with the University of Nottingham, writing a thesis on International Trade and Poverty in Kenya. The thesis uses a computable general equilibrium approach to investigate the links between household poverty and globalization, calibrated on a 2003 gendered Social Accounting Matrix for Kenya. Besides being an alumnus and an instructor of the Gender and Macroeconomic International Working Group, GEM-IWG, Jane has undertaken several projects on mainstreaming gender in macroeconomic and international economics in the Kenyan context.