Graziano Graziussi is currently enrolled in the doctoral program in Economics at the University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy. In May 2005 he obtained his Master of Public Administration form the School of International and Public Affairs-Columbia University of New York, concentrating in Policy Analysis and Applied Economics. Prior to his graduate studies he had been working in the Department of Economic Theory at the University “Federico II” of Naples, Italy, from where he had majored in Law and Economics. Also, he had been practicing as a lawyer in Milan and Naples. During those years his areas of interest have been the demand-side economics, the effective demand principle, the Walrasian equilibrium and the social costs. Graziussi is currently working on a project funded by FORMEZ (Training and Studies Centre of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office) on the development of performance indicators for the European Union neighboring Countries, within the framework of the “proximity policy” of the Union. He had the opportunity to deepen his interest in gender and economics during his studies at Columbia University, within which he contributed to a report on the unpaid “care economy”, commissioned by the UNDP, presented in Paris at Science Po in Decemberof 2004.

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