Public Policy Brief No. 87 | November 2006

Maastricht 2042 and the Fate of Europe

Toward Convergence and Full Employment

Unemployment in the European Union (EU) is a serious problem that threatens to disrupt the integration of accession countries, the character of individual countries, and the continued existence of the EU. European integration poses a huge conundrum for European employment because the conventional theory explaining unemployment in Europe—labor market rigidities—is wrong. According to Senior Scholar James K. Galbraith, the application of this policy will not cure European unemployment, but it could destroy the economic promise of the EU for its poorer regions and the accession countries.

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Public Policy Brief No. 153
Multidimensional Inequality and COVID-19 in Brazil
Author(s): Luiza Nassif Pires, Laura Carvalho, Eduardo Rawet
September 2020

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