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High school students across the US have been studying and citing the work of Research Scholar Pavlina Tcherneva to argue affirmatively for the job guarantee in preparation for the '24 national debate tournaments. 

Read Senior Scholar James K. Galbraith's article, "Entropy, the Theory of Value and the Future of Humanity" featured by the Economic Democracy Initiative. 

Read Senior Scholar James K. Galbraith's article, "Industrial Policy Is a Good Idea, but So Far We Don’t Have One" featured by the Institute for New Economic Thinking

Bard College’s Levy Economics Institute Receives $500,000 Hewlett Grant for its Gender Equality and the Economy Program

Listen to Levy Scholar Pavlina Tcherneva on Back Ground Briefing with Ian Masters, "The Disconnect Between Biden’s Great Economic Numbers and How Voters Feel about the Economy"

William Waller, Senior Scholar at the Levy Economic Institute, Mary Wrenn, Senior Lecturer at University of the West of England, and Matthew Watson, Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University discussed Thorstein Veblen’s book, The Theory of the Leisure Class on In Our Times with Melvyn Bragg on BBC4 on Thursday, November 9th

Institute Scholar Michalis Nikiforos and Simon Grothe's article "Markups, Profit Shares, and Cost-Push-Profit-Led Inflation" was featured by the Institute for New Economic Thinking 

Rania Antonopoulos spoke in support of a European Job Guarantee during the 15th Congress of the European Trade Union Confederation

Levy Economics Institute of Bard College Receives $211,000 to Continue Study of Potential Impacts of Policies that Expand Care Services in Mexico

Read Yeva Nersisyan and L. Randall Wray's latest op-ed on SVB and the Fed

Institute Scholar Yeva Nersisyan's op-ed "Lowering inflation isn't a job for a one-trick pony" featured in The Hill

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