The Levy Institute's Publications Program forms the main pillar of its public education and outreach activities. In an effort to raise the level of public debate on a broad spectrum of economic matters, the Levy Institute publishes research findings, conference proceedings, policy discussions and analyses, and other material. Publications are aimed at academic, general, and policymaking audiences.

Research Project Reports

Reports outlining the structure and results of studies undertaken by Levy Institute scholars

Strategic Analysis

Reports analyzing US economic performance and policies, based on our proprietary macro model

Public Policy Briefs

Examinations of the policy aspects of contemporary economic issues

Policy Notes

Short articles designed to reach policymakers as well as business and general audiences


Up-to-the-minute economic analysis and policy advocacy

Working Papers

In-progress research by Levy Institute scholars as well as outside contributors

LIMEW Reports

Statistical reports based on our alternative measure of economic well-being


Remarks by Levy Institute scholars before congressional panels on matters of monetary and economic policy



Book Series

Published in conjunction with Palgrave Macmillan and Edward Elgar Publishing


Includes synopses of new publications as well as news and events coverage. Published three times a year

Conference Proceedings

Transcripts of individual speakers’ remarks and summaries of panel discussions

Biennial Reports

Documents past activities and outlines our agenda for the future

Public Policy Brief Highlights

Published 1997–2010


Quarterly newsletter, 1996–2012

Publication Highlight

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