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Conference | November 2013

“The Eurozone Crisis, Greece, and the Experience of Austerity”
Athens, Greece


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Organized by the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College with support from the Ford Foundation

November 8–9, 2013
Megaron Athens International Conference Centre

This conference was organized as part of the Levy Institute’s international research agenda and in conjunction with the Ford Foundation Project on Financial Instability, which draws on Hyman Minsky's extensive work on the structure of financial systems to ensure stability and the role of government in achieving a growing and equitable economy.

Among the key topics addressed: the challenges to global growth and employment posed by the continuing eurozone debt crisis; the impact of austerity on output and employment; the ramifications of the credit crunch for economic and financial markets; the larger implications of government deficits and debt crises for US and European economic policies; and central bank independence and financial reform.

For the events program, participants list, and selected presentations, visit the conference website. For video, click here.

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