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Workshop | November 2023

New Directions in Money, Finance, and Public Policy

A Levy Economics Institute and OSUN-EDI Workshop
After 2008, traditions emphasizing the political economy of money attracted significant attention for their insights into the unfolding crisis and the impact of stabilization policy. COVID presented another such opportunity. The extraordinary “big monetary” and “big fiscal” policy responses during these episodes offered real-world illustrations of monetary-fiscal operations, technical aspects of public finance, continued financial fragility, and a range of de-risking strategies that could only be pursued by public financing institutions. They also raised once more key questions about the nature of stabilization policy, this time including interest rate increases, industrial strategies, and policies for economic security and the green transition.
The goal of this workshop is to 1) push the boundaries of our current understanding of money and finance further; 2) to reconsider various public policies for intersecting crises; 3) clarify synergies among different research traditions; and 4) identify new/unanswered research questions.

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