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Seminar | June 2022

2022 Summer Seminar

Levy Economics Institute of Bard College
Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.

June 11–18, 2022

The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College is pleased to announce it will be holding a summer seminar June 11–18, 2022. Through lectures, hands-on workshops, and breakout groups, the seminar will provide an opportunity to engage with the theory and policy of Modern Money Theory (MMT) and the work of Institute Distinguished Scholars Hyman Minsky and Wynne Godley. Intended for those who are introducing themselves to these approaches as well as those who are looking to deepen their understanding, the seminar will be of particular interest to graduate students, recent graduates, and those at the beginning of their academic or professional careers.
Topics will include the history and theory of money, central bank and treasury operations, inequality and austerity, the job guarantee, MMT and developing economies, current debates over inflation, the Green New Deal, the stock-flow consistent approach to macroeconomic analysis and modeling, financial innovation and the financialization of the economy, cryptocurrency and central bank digital currencies, and more.
The seminar will be limited to 60 attendees. Admission will include provision of room and board on the Bard College campus. The fee for the seminar will be $3,000; a fee waiver is available for all those in need.

Applications may be made to Emily Ungvary ([email protected]) and should include a current curriculum vitae and letter of application. Your letter should indicate the nature of your interest in the program and, if applicable, your reasons for requesting a fee waiver. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Confirmed faculty include: Rania Antonopoulos, Eric Breon, Leonardo Burlamaqui, Raul Carrillo, Sandy Darity,* Simone Deos, Christine Desan,* Dirk Ehnts, Steven Fazzari, Mathew Forstater, Rohan Grey, Farley Grubb,* Darrick Hamilton, John Harvey, John Haskell, Geoffrey Ingham,* Fadhel Kaboub, Stephanie Kelton, Matthew Klein, Yan Liang, Bill Mitchell, Richard Murphy,* Yeva Nersisyan, Michalis Nikiforos, Dimitri Papadimitriou, Paul Sheard, Ndongo Samba Sylla, Pavlina Tcherneva, Eric Tymoigne, L. Randall Wray, and Gennaro Zezza.

A current version of the program is available here.

Accepted students can access the schedule and logistical information here.

* denotes presenters attending remotely

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