Conference Proceedings | November 2014

Stabilizing Financial Systems for Growth and Full Employment

A conference organized by the Levy Economics Institute with support from the Ford Foundation

In the context of a sluggish economic recovery and global uncertainty, with growth and employment well below normal levels, the 2014 Minsky Conference addressed both financial reform and prosperity, drawing from Hyman Minsky’s work on financial instability and his proposal for achieving full employment. Panels focused on the design of a new, more robust, and stable financial architecture; fiscal austerity and the sustainability of the US and European economic recovery; central bank independence and financial reform; the larger implications of the eurozone debt crisis for the global economic system; the impact of the return to more traditional US monetary policy on emerging markets and developing economies; improving governance of the social safety net; the institutional shape of the future financial system; strategies for promoting an inclusive economy and more equitable income distribution; and regulatory challenges for emerging-market economies. The proceedings include the conference program, transcripts of keynote speakers’ remarks, synopses of the panel sessions, and biographies of the participants. 
Associated Program(s):
Barbara Ross Michael Stephens

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Working Paper No. 1019
An Inquiry Concerning Japanese Yen Interest Rate Swap Yields
Author(s): Tanweer Akram, Khawaja Mamun
May 2023

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