Summary Vol. 5, No. 3 | January 1996

Summary Summer 1996

In this issue: a series of working papers growing out of the symposium "Global Capital Flows in Economic Development," sponsored by the Levy Institute and UNCTAD; a summary of the annual conference on employment; and a summary of the sixth annual conference on reconstituting the financial structure.

Contents: Conferences: The Employment Act of 1946: 50 Years Later * Recent Developments in the Financial Structure * Forums: Immigration and Ethnicity * Seminars: The Legacy of Separate and Unequal Schooling * Economic Policy for a Winner-Take-All Society * The New Basic Skills * Symposium: Global Capital Flows in Economic Development * New Working Papers: Uncertainty and the Institutional Structure of Capitalist Economies * The Consumer Price Index as a Measure of Inflation and Target of Monetary Policy * Economic Insecurity and the Institutional Prerequisites for Successful Capitalism * A New Facility for the IMF? * Capital Inflows and Macroeconomic Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa * The Anatomy of the Bond Market Turbulence of 1994 * Intervention Versus Regulation: The Role of the IMF in Crisis Prevention and Management * Globalization, Capital Flows, and International Regulation * Capital Account Regulations and Macroeconomic Policy: Two Latin American Experiences * Managing Foreign Capital Flows: The Experiences of Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia * Understanding the 1994 Election: Still No Realignment


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