Working Paper No. 200 | August 1997

Second Generations

Past, Present, Future

This paper takes a doubting, though friendly, look at the hypotheses of "second generation deciine" and "segmented assimiiation" that have framed the emerging research agenda on the new second generation. Research Associate Roger Waldinger, of the University of California at Los Angeles, and Senior Scholar Joel Perlmann begin with a review of the basic approach, outlining the logic of argument, and specifying the central contentions. They then head toward the past, in search of material that will illuminate both the parallels and points of distinction between the immigrant children who grew up in the first half of the 20th century and those who will move into adulthood during the century to come. Last, they return to the present, inquiring both into the characteristics of those children of immigrants who might find themselves at risk, and the precise source of any such peril.

Associated Program:
Roger Waldinger Joel Perlmann

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Book Series
Classical Economics Today: Essays in Honor of Alessandro Roncaglia
Edited by Marcella Corsi, Jan Kregel, and Carlo D'Ippoliti
Author(s): Jan Kregel
March 2018

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