Summary Vol. 27, No. 1 | January 2018

Summary Winter 2018

This issue of the Summary opens with a public policy brief that suggests looking to the postwar clearing union proposals made by John Maynard Keynes and Richard Kahn for insight into possible reforms of the current eurozone financial system. Two policy notes featured in this issue focus on current policy in the United States: the first addresses the feasibility of the Trump administration’s campaign promises to the middle class; and the second calls for the implementation of a universal single-payer health system. A third policy note argues that the relationship between time poverty and income poverty must be recognized in policy creation if the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are to be met.

Working papers included in this issue: examine the determinants of long-term interest rates for US Treasury securities; build a stock-flow consistent model to assess the relationship between quantitative easing and economic instability; use the Minskyan concept of financial fragility to assess the financial soundness of electricity distribution companies in Brazil; discuss the origins of the “science” of economics from its beginnings in the political economy of Adam Smith; survey Minsky’s contributions to the financialization literature for answers to today’s pressing economic issues; and suggest the application of strategies for containing disease epidemics to reduce the socioeconomic costs of unemployment.
Elizabeth Dunn Michael Stephens

Publication Highlight

Policy Note 2017/3
Why the Compulsive Shift to Single Payer?
Because Healthcare Is Not Insurable
Author(s): L. Randall Wray
July 2017

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