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Conference | September 2014

The 12th International Post Keynesian Conference

Kansas City, Missouri
September 25–28, 2014

Cosponsored by the University of Missouri–Kansas City, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, and Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, with support from the Ford Foundation

The 2014 Post Keynesian Conference will address many of the traditional areas of research covered by Post-Keynesian and other heterodox approaches to economics, with keynotes by Lord Robert Skidelsky, James K. Galbraith, and Bruce Greenwald. Special panels will include “Money and the Real World,” in honor of Paul Davidson; “Connecting Approaches in Heterodox Economics”; “Reflections on Frederic Lee's Contributions to Heterodox Economics”; and “Heterodox Microeconomics and Social Provisioning: A Session in Honor of Fred Lee.” 

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