One-Pager No. 29 | April 2012

Eurozone Crisis 2.0

Since last month’s Greek bond swap, various European leaders have declared the eurozone crisis over or “almost over.” But Euroland’s current economic reality begs to differ. No matter how much cheap money the ECB provides or how high the EC “firewall” rises, the region’s economic malaise can’t be cured without massive government intervention—the implementation of strong, proactive economic policies that will put people back to work, increase state revenues, and improve the standard of living.

Associated Program:
C. J. Polychroniou

Publication Highlight

Policy Note 2021/4
A Recovery for Whom?
The Case of the Greek Tourism Sector
Author(s): Vlassis Missos, Nikolaos Rodousakis, George Soklis
November 2021

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