Public Policy Brief Highlights No. 40A | May 1998

Overcoming America’s Infrastructure Deficit

A Fiscally Responsible Plan for Public Capital Investment
Condemned bridges, dilapidated school buildings, contaminated water supplies, and other infrastructure shortcomings threaten American growth, productivity, and prosperity. The authors of this brief propose a plan for financing infrastructure projects that is designed to have minimal effect on the federal budget and to promote sound fiscal operation. Federal zero-interest mortgage loans to state and local governments for capital projects specified by Congress can cut the cost of such projects, achieve needed improvements in the nation’s infrastructure, and thereby contribute to the American economy’s future.
Associated Program:
Walter M. Cadette

Publication Highlight

Policy Note 2022/2
A Race to the Bottom
Measuring Income Loss and Poverty in Greece
Author(s): Vlassis Missos, Nikolaos Rodousakis, George Soklis
April 2022

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