Report Vol. 15, No. 2 | April 2005

Report April 2005

A new Strategic Analysis by the Levy Institute's Macro-Modeling Team assesses the main sector balances, all of which are now deficits. The private sector, led by personal borrowing, is now running a deficit approaching 2 percent of GDP; although this trend has helped support the economy in the short term, it is unsustainable, given the private sector's existing pile of debt.



New Strategic Analysis

  • "How Fragile Is the US Economy?"

New Policy Notes

  • "The Case for an Environmentally Sustainable Jobs Program,"
  • "Manufacturing a Crisis: The Neocon Attack on Social Security"

New Publication

  • "Levy Institute Measure of Economic Well-Being: How Much Does Public Consumption Matter for Well-Being?"

New Public Policy Briefs

  • "The Fed and the New Monetary Consensus: The Case for Rate Hikes, Part Two"

New Working Papers

  • "The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy: A Critical Review,"
  • "Visions and Scenarios: Heilbroner's Worldly Philosophy, Lowe's Political Economics, and the Methodology of Ecological Economics,"
  • "Household Wealth Distribution in Italy in the 1990s,"
  • "Measuring Capacity Utilization in OECD Countries: A Cointegration Method,"
  • "Occupational and Industrial Mobility in the United States 1969–93,"
  • "Determinants of Minority-White Differentials in Child Poverty"

Levy Institute News

  • New Research Associate, New Book in Levy Institute Book Series

Upcoming Events

  • Conferences: Economic Imbalance: Fiscal and Monetary Policy for Sustainable Growth; Time Use and Economic Well-Being

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