Report Vol. 6, No. 4 | August 1996

Report August 1996

Is the marketplace a social enemy? Is there a role for government intervention? Is downsizing good or bad? These were among the questions considered in a recent Firing Line debate taped at the Levy Institute. Also in this issue: Senator Bill Bradley talks about economic policy, race, aging, and the public's disenchantment with government.

Contents: Firing Line * Debates-Debates * Forum: Immigration and Ethnicity * The Levy Report Interview: Senator Bill Bradley Discusses Domestic and International Economic Policy, Race, Aging, and Public Disenchantment with Government * Lecture Series: Susan G. Regan: Ethical Problems in Managing Health Care: Onions in the Petunia Patch * New Working Papers: Assimilation: The Second Generation and Beyond, Then and Now * Money, Finance, and National Income Determination: An Integrated Approach * The Minimum Wage and the Path Toward a High-Wage Economy * Comparing Alternative Methods of Adjusting US Federal Fiscal Deficits for Cyclical and Price Effects



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Working Paper No. 1013
The Economic and Environmental Effects of a Green Employer of Last Resort
A Sectoral Multiplier Analysis for the United States
Author(s): Giuliano Toshiro Yajima, Nikolaos Rodousakis, George Soklis
January 2023

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