Report Vol. 6, No. 6 | December 1996

Report December 1996

This issue features the Debates-Debates program on the advisability of implementing tax cuts, Katherine Newman's findings on the ability of the working poor to find work, Eugene R. Dattel's view of structural flaws in the Japanese financial sector, and Resident Scholar Neil Buchanan's critique of several tax proposals and analysis of the relation between taxes and saving.

Contents: Debates-Debates: Tax Cuts: Reducing the Burden or Robin Hood for the Rich? * Lecture Series: Rachel Friedberg: Russian Jews, Palestinians . . . and Thais: Immigrants, "Guest Workers," and the Undocumented in Israel * Eugene R. Dattel: Cultural Captivity: Japan's Financial Dinosaurs Resist Change * Katherine Newman: The Working Poor in the Inner City * New Working Papers: Selective Migration as a Basis for Upward Mobility? The Occupations of the Jewish Immigrants to the United States, ca. 1900 * A Critique of Competing Plans for Radical Tax Restructuring * The Politics of the Minimum Wage * Taxes, Saving, and Macroeconomics



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