Report Vol. 10, No. 2 | June 2000

Report June 2000

Proponents of globalization have expressed frustration with the reluctance of some members of Congress to support it. At the Levy Institute's annual Minsky conference in April, summarized in this issue, Representative Barney Frank explained that it is not globalization per se that he and other members oppose, but globalization absent safety nets for those who are harmed by it.

Contents: Tenth Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference on Financial Structure * New Working Paper topics include: Recent Trends in Wealth Ownership * Why Inflation Won't Bring Recovery in Japan * The Public Commodities Problem * New Policy Noes: Explaining the US Trade Deficit * Is the New Economy Rewriting the Rules? * Lectures on: Phoenician Port Power * The Views of Jerome Levy and Michal Kalecki * International Banking Regulation in the 21st Century


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Yes, If He Abandons Fiscal “Pay Fors"
Author(s): Yeva Nersisyan, L. Randall Wray
June 2021

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