Report Vol. 6, No. 5 | October 1996

Report October 1996

In this issue: a summary of a Debates-Debates program on the economics of aging, with Chairman S. Jay Levy; an examination of the "Wisconsin plan" for welfare reform; an analysis of the source of the collapse of wages for low-skill workers; and an interview with New York State Lieutenant Governor Betsy McCaughey Ross.

Contents: Debates-Debates: Chairman S Jay Levy Participates in PBS Debate on the Economics of Aging * The Levy Report Interview: Betsy McCaughey Ross Discusses Health Care Reform, Education, and Welfare * The Cost of Meaningful Welfare Reform Policy Analysis * New Public Policy Briefs: Making Work Pay: Wage Insurance for the Working Poor * Institutional Failure and the American Worker * New Working Paper: Rethinking Health Care Policy: The Case for Retargeting Tax Subsidies * Levy Institute News: In Memoriam: Hyman P. Minsky, Distinguished Scholar * Alan S. Blinder Rejoins the Board of Advisors * New Scholars and Projects * Levin-Waldman Discusses Unemployment Insurance Reform on CNN



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