Report Vol. 16, No. 4 | October 2006

Report October 2006

Most people are not accustomed to thinking of taxation as a gender issue. But research presented at the recent Levy Institute conference on gender equality, tax policies, and tax reform, summarized in this issue, show that taxes affect men and women quite differently.



  • Gender Equality, Tax Policies, and Tax Reform in Comparative Perspective


  • The Burden of Aging: Much Ado About Nothing, or Little to Do About Something?


  • The Fallacy of the Revised Bretton Woods Hypothesis: Why Today's International Financial System Is Unsustainable


  • Extending Minsky's Classifications of Fragility to Government and the Open Economy
  • Time and Money: Substitutes in Real Terms and Complements in Satisfactions
  • The Minskyan System, Part I: Properties of the Minskyan Analysis and How to Theorize and Model a Monetary Production Economy
  • The Minskyan System, Part II: Dynamics of the Minskyan Analysis and the Financial Fragility Hypothesis
  • How Does Household Production Affect Earnings Inequality? Evidence from the American Time Use Survey
  • The Minskyan System, Part III: System Dynamics Modeling of a Stock Flow–Consistent Minskyan Model
  • Asset Prices, Financial Fragility, and Central Banking 14 Why Central Banks (and Money) "Rule the Roost"
  • Dissent and Discipline in Ben Gurion's Labor Party: 1930–32 15 Banking, Finance, and Money: A Socioeconomics Approach
  • How the Maastricht Regime Fosters Divergence as Well as Fragility
  • Wage Growth and the Measurement of Social Security's Financial Condition
  • Quick Impact Initiatives for Gender Equality: A Menu of Options
  • Working for a Good Retirement
  • Differing Prospects for Women and Men: Young Old-Age, Old Old-Age, and Elder Care
  • The Local Geographic Origins of Russian-Jewish Immigrants, Circa 1900
  • Net Government Expenditures and the Economic Well-Being of the Elderly in the United States, 1989–2001
  • The Financial Requirements of Achieving Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
  • Global Demographic Trends and Provisioning for the Future 19 The Changing Role of Employer Pensions: Tax Expenditures, Costs, and Implications for Middle-Class Elderly
  • Retiree Health Benefit Coverage and Retirement
  • Population Forecasts, Fiscal Policy, and Risk
  • The Adequacy of Retirement Resources among the Soon-to-Retire, 1983–2001
  • The American Jewish Periphery: An Overview
  • On the Minskyan Business Cycle


  • New Grants
  • Upcoming Symposium: Employment Guarantee Policies: Theory and Practice
  • New Levy Institute Book
  • Publications and Presentations
  • Recent Levy Institute Publications

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