Report Vol. 10, No. 3 | September 2000

Report September 2000

As part of its research program into the causes of, and solutions to, income inequality, the Levy Institute held a conference in June 2000 on the distribution of wealth. Participants' remarks are summarized in this issue of the Report.

Contents: Conference on Saving, Intergenerational Transfers, and the Distribution of Wealth * Workshop on Earnings Inequality * Editorial on the Death of Monetarism * New Working Papers include: Trends in Direct Measures of Job Skill Requirements * A Minskian Analysis of Japan's Lost Decade * New Policy Notes: Welfare College Students and Welfare Reform * Health Care Finance in Need of Rethinking * Can the Expansion Be Sustained * Drowning in Debt


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Working Paper No. 1010
Reflections on Angela Merkel’s Career as Chancellor of Germany and the Greek Financial Odyssey
Author(s): George Zestos, Harrison Whittleton, Alejandro Fernandez-Ribas
September 2022

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