Summary Vol. 7, No. 2 | January 1998

Summary Spring 1998

Of special interest in this issue is a summation of a congressional policy briefing by Wynne Godley and Jan Kregel. Also of note are summaries of working papers on an assessment of the contributions of Hyman Minsky to economic theory, the relevance of Kaleckian analysis to today's capitalist economies, and policy formulation as a discovery process.

Contents: New Working Paper topics include: Government as Employer of Last Resort: Full Employment without Inflation * The School to Work Transition of Second Generation Immigrants in Metropolitan New York * Selective Use of Discretionary Public Employment and Economic Flexibility * Linking the Minimum Wage to Productivity * The Economic Contributions of Hyman Minsky * Employment Policy, Community Development, and the Underclass * Money and Taxes: The Chartalist Approach * Policy Innovation as a Discovery Procedure * The Kaleckian Analysis and the New Millennium * Institute News


Publication Highlight

Working Paper No. 1026
Banking Sector, Distributive Conflict, and Monetary Theory of Distribution
Author(s): Riccardo Zolea
August 2023

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