Summary Vol. 9, No. 1 | January 2000

Summary Winter 1999–2000

A special feature by Distinguished Scholar Wynne Godley focuses on the relationship between inventory investment and the American business cycle. Also in this issue: a new working paper by Federal Reserve Board Governor Laurence Meyer provides a central banker's perspective on the Asian crisis.


Contents: Conference on Inequality in the Industrialized and Developing Countries · Special Feature on Inventories and the US Business Cycle · History of Wage Inequality in America · Finance in a Classical and Harrodian Cyclical Growth Model · Financing Long-Term Care · Rhetorical Evolution of the Minimum Wage · Seven Unsustainable Processes · Computers and the Wage Structure


Karl Widerquist Ajit Zacharias

Publication Highlight

Public Policy Brief No. 156
Still Flying Blind after All These Years
The Federal Reserve’s Continuing Experiments with Unobservables
Author(s): Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, L. Randall Wray
December 2021

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