Summary Vol. 13, No. 1 | January 2004

Summary Winter 2004

The Winter Summary highlights the recent Levy Institute conference "International Perspectives on Household Wealth," which focused on the dynamics of the distribution of wealth across population subgroups, income levels, and regions. A common finding was the rapid growth in wealth, but increasing inequality, during the 1990s as a result of the euphoria in the financial markets.


Contents: Institute Research - Program: Distribution of Income and Wealth - Conference: International Perspectives on Household Wealth · Do Workers with Low Lifetime Earnings Really Have Low Earnings Every Year? Implications for Social Security Reform · Savings of Entrepreneurs · A Rolling Tide: Changes in the Distribution of Wealth in he US, 1989-2001 · Wealth Transfer Taxation: A Survey · On Household Wealth Trends in Sweden over the 1990s · The Evolution of Wealth Inequality in Canada, 1984-1999; Program: Financial Markets and Monetary Policy - Inflation Targeting: A Critical Appraisal · Aggregate Demand, Conflict, and Capacity in the Inflationary Process; Program: Federal Budget Policy - Deflation Worries · Is International Growth the Way Out of US Current Account Deficits? A Note of Caution · Measures of the Real GDP of US Trading Partners: Methodology and Results · Understanding Deflation: Treating the Disease, Not the Symptoms; Institute News - Upcoming Event: 14th Annual Hyman P. Minsky Conference; Publications and Presentations - Publications and Presentations by Levy Institute Scholars · Recent Levy Institute Publications

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