In the Media | September 2014

This Depressing Chart Shows that the Rich Aren't Just Grabbing a Bigger Slice of the Income Pie—They're Taking All of It

By Christopher Ingraham
The Washington Post, September 25, 2014

Take a look at this chart, from Bard College economist Pavlina Tcherneva. In an August 2013 paper, she wrote:

An examination of average income growth [in the U.S.] during every postwar expansion (from trough to peak) and its distribution between the wealthiest 10% and bottom 90% of households reveals that income growth becomes more inequitably distributed with every subsequent expansion during the entire postwar period.

In other words, the wealthy are capturing more and more of the overall income growth during each expansion period....

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Working Paper No. 1037
Markups, Profit Shares, and Cost-Push-Profit-Led Inflation
Author(s): Michalis Nikiforos, Simon Grothe, Jan David Weber
January 2024

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