Research Associate Greg Hannsgen is a macroeconomist and monetary economist. He is a member of the Institute’s State of the US and World Economies research group. In addition, his work alone and with other scholars has appeared in Levy one pagers, public policy briefs, and working papers, as well as the journals ChallengeInternational Review of Applied EconomicsJournal of Post Keynesian EconomicsJournal of Socio-EconomicsMetroeconomicaReview of Political Economy, and Social Security Bulletin, and in several edited volumes. His article on the role of homes, mortgages, and home-equity loans in the economy was reprinted in the multivolume set Housing Economics (SAGE Publications, 2011). Hannsgen has served as a member of the Institute’s publications staff and its renowned macro team, as well as a teacher at the State University of New York (SUNY) New Paltz. Since his departure from the Institute in 2015, Hannsgen has worked as an independent researcher and blogger. Hannsgen has recently completed working papers formalizing the ideas of Hyman P. Minsky and analyzing the role of the US dollar from the perspective of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). His blog, Greg Hannsgen’s Economics Blog, focuses on economic policy debates.
Hannsgen’s research interests include:
  • monetary and fiscal policy issues in the United States and abroad
  • money, finance, and the business cycle
  • international macroeconomics
  • Keynesian and post-Keynesian macroeconomics and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
  • normative and social aspects of macroeconomic analysis
  • heavy-tailed distributions in macroeconomic data and modeling
  • dynamical macro models
  • alternatives to neoclassical economics
Hannsgen studied economics at the University of Notre Dame (MA, 1997; PhD, 2002). He also holds a BA in economics from Swarthmore College (1986) and an MA in public affairs from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota (1997). Hannsgen worked at the Levy Institute from 2002–15.


Greg Hannsgen
Greg Hannsgen
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