Summary Vol. 26, No. 3 | September 2017

Summary Fall 2017

This issue of the Summary opens with a Strategic Analysis that uses the Institute’s stock-flow model to assess the effect of the Trump administration’s policy promises on the recovery from the Great Recession. A policy note investigates the trends in income inequality in the United States over the past four decades.

Working papers included in this issue examine the literature on stock-flow consistent macroeconomic models; the determinants of government bond yields for the eurozone; the potential job-creation effects of the Trump administration’s proposed infrastructure investment; the role of trust in an issuer’s promise of redemption in the valuation of monetary instruments; Germany’s rejection of Keynesianism as the root of the eurozone’s economic woes; the quality of a synthetic dataset that seeks to provide complete information on household demographics in Turkey; the gender divisions of time use in Turkey and how they change over the life cycle; macroeconomic conditions in the United States during the Great Recession and their effect on time use in households with children; and the impact of public spending on economic development in G-20 countries.

Program: The State of the US and World Economies
  • MICHALIS NIKIFOROS and GENNARO ZEZZA, The Trump Effect: Is This Time Different?
  • PAVLINA R. TCHERNEVA, Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows?
  • MICHALIS NIKIFOROS and GENNARO ZEZZA, Stock-flow Consistent Macroeconomic Models: A Survey
  • TANWEER AKRAM AND ANUPAM DAS, The Dynamics of Government Bond Yields in the Eurozone
  • PAVLINA R. TCHERNEVA, Trump’s Bait and Switch: Job Creation in the Midst of Welfare State Sabotage
Program: Monetary Policy and Financial Structure
  • ÉRIC TYMOIGNE, On the Centrality of Redemption: Linking the State and Credit Theories of Money through a Financial Approach to Money
  • JÖRG BIBOW, How Germany’s Anti-Keynesianism Has Brought Europe to Its Knees
Program: The Distribution of Income and Wealth
  • ÖZLEM ALBAYRAK and THOMAS MASTERSON, Quality of Statistical Match of Household Budget Survey and SILC for Turkey
 Program: Gender Equality and the Economy
  • EBRU KONGAR and MARK PRICE, Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Time Use of Married and Cohabiting Parents during the Great Recession
  • EBRU KONGAR and EMEL MEMIŞ, Gendered Patterns of Time Use over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Turkey
Program: Economic Policy for the 21st Century
  • HORST HANUSCH, LEKHA S. CHAKRABORTY, and SWATI KHURANA, Fiscal Policy, Economic Growth, and Innovation: An Empirical Analysis of G20 Countries
  • New Research Scholar
  • A Note on the Summary
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Publication Highlight

Working Paper No. 1024
When Minsky and Godley Met Structuralism
A Stock-Flow Consistent Approach to the Currency Hierarchy
Author(s): Nitin Nair
July 2023

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