Summary Vol. 9, No. 2 | January 2000

Summary Spring 2000

The Spring Summary leads off with Senior Scholar Edward N. Wolff's report on his new research project: an in-depth empirical examination of the long-term effects of technological change on earnings, inequality, and employment in the United States.


Contents: New Research Project: Long-Term Effects of Technological Change on Earnings, Inequality, and Labor Demand · Notes on the US Trade and Balance of Payments Deficits · On Krugman and the Liquidity Trap · Is There a Skills Crisis? · A New Approach to Tax-Exempt Bonds · Explaining the US Trade Deficit · The Brazilian Crisis · The Social Wage, Welfare Policy, and the Phases of Capital Accumulation · What's Behind the Recent Rise in Profitability?

Karl Widerquist Ajit Zacharias

Publication Highlight

Working Paper No. 1026
Banking Sector, Distributive Conflict, and Monetary Theory of Distribution
Author(s): Riccardo Zolea
August 2023

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