Ebru Kongar is professor of economics at Dickinson College, where she teaches courses in contending economic perspectives, political economy of gender, gender and development, and political economy of health. She is associate editor of the journal Feminist Economics (2008–present), for which she was also guest editor (with E. Shehabuddin and J. Olmsted) of its Special Issue on Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities (2014).

Kongar’s research focuses on the two-way relationships between gender inequalities and macroeconomic developments (economic crises, globalization, trade expansion in manufacturing and services, and deindustrialization) in the US economy. Her recent publications include:
  • “The Social Provisioning Approach to Feminist Economics: The Unfolding Agenda” (with Günseli Berik), in G. Berik and E. Kongar (eds.), Handbook of Feminist Economics (Routledge, forthcoming);
  • “Gendered Patterns of Time Use over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Turkey” (with Emel Memiş), “Gender, Socieconomic Status, Time-Use, and the Great Recession in the U.S.” (with Mark Price), “Feminist Approaches to Time Use” (with Rachel Connelly), in R. Connelly and E. Kongar (eds.), Gender and Time Use in a Global Context: The Economics of Employment and Unpaid Labor (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017);
  • “Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities through Postcolonial and Feminist Lenses” (with Jennifer Olmsted and Elora Shehabuddin), Feminist Economics 20(4): 1–32, 2014.
  • “Time Allocation of Married Mothers and Fathers in Hard Times: The 2007–09 US Recession” (with G. Berik), Feminist Economics 19(3): 208–37, 2013;
  • “Offshoring of White-Collar Jobs in the United States and Gendered Outcomes” (with M. Price), International Journal of Manpower 31(8): 888–907, 2010; and
  • “Is Deindustrialization Good for Women?,” Feminist Economics 14(1): 73–92, 2008.

Kongar received a BS in economics from Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey) and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Utah, with a concentration in gender and development, econometrics, and economic history.


Ebru Kongar
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