Leonardo Burlamaqui is professor in the Department of Economic Evolution, State University of Rio de Janeiro, research scholar at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College, adjunct professor in the Graduate Program in Public Policies and Development Strategies at the Federal University at Rio de Janeiro, and head of research at the Multidisciplinary Institute for Development and Strategies (MINDS). He is also a member of the International Joseph Schumpeter Society and a contributing editor to the Post Keynesian Economics Forum. Previously he was a senior program officer at the Ford Foundation in New York, directing the “Reforming Global Financial Governance” initiative. He has a Ph.D. in economics from the Federal University at Rio de Janeiro.
Burlamaqui has taught, written, and published extensively on innovation and competition, development strategies, intellectual property, institutions and economic change, Asian capitalism, and the political economy of knowledge and finance.    
His books include:
  • Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy: A Twenty First Agenda (Routledge, 2018, coedited with Rainer Kattel);
  • Financial Governance, Banking and Financial Instability In Brazil:  A Minskyan Perspective (MINDS Books, 2017, coedited with Felipe Rezende and Matheus Vianna);
  • Minsky Goes Global—Finance and Political Economy of Forging Ahead and Falling Behind: The Cases of China and Brazil (MINDS Books, 2017, coedited with Felipe Rezende and Matheus Vianna);
  • The Present and the Future of Development Financial Institutions: Theory and History (MINDS/BNDES, 2015, coedited with Rogerio Sobreira and Matheus Vianna);  
  • Financial Stability and Growth—Perspectives on Financial Regulation and New Developmentalism (Routledge, 2014, coedited with Luis Carlos Bresser Pereira and Jan Kregel);
  • Politicas Macroecnòmicas y Regulación Financera en America Latina: Un Estudio Comparado (CEDES, 2014, coedited with Roberto Frenkel, Mario Damill, and Edoardo Corso);
  • Knowledge Governance—Reasserting the Public Interest (Anthem Press, 2012, coedited with Ana Célia Castro and Rainer Kattel);
  • Institutions and the Role of State (Elgar, 2000, coedited with Ana Célia Castro and Ha-Joon Chang); and
  • Organized Capitalism in Japan (IPEA/CEPAL, 1991, coauthored with Maria da Conceição Tavares and Ernani Torres).
His papers include the include:
  • “Knowledge Governance” in E. S. Reinert, J. Ghosh, and R. Kattel (eds.), Handbook of Alternative Theories of Economic Development (Elgar, 2016);
  • “Development as Leapfrogging, Not Convergence, Not Catch-up” (coauthored with Rainer Kattel) in Review of Political Economy (spring 2016);
  • “Assessing Divergent Development Trajectories: Schumpeterian Competition, Finance and Financial Governance” (coauthored with Rainer Kattel) in Revista Brasileira de Inovação (January–July 2016);
  • “Global Finance and Chinese Financial Governance” in China in Transformation (Ministry of Planning IPEA-BR, 2015);
  • “Finance, Development and the Chinese Entrepreneurial State: A Schumpeter–Keynes–Minsky Approach” in Brazilian Journal of Political Economy (October 2015);
  • “Development: Convergence, Catch-up or Leapfrogging?” (coauthored with Rainer Kattel) in D. B. Papadimitriou (ed.), Contributions to Economic Theory Policy, Development and Finance: Essays in Honor of J. A. Kregel (Palgrave, 2014);
  • “Industrial Policy and IPRs: A Knowledge Governance Approach” (coauthored with Mario Cimoli), in J. Stiglitz et al. (eds.), Intellectual Property Rights: Legal and Economic Challenges for Development (OUP, 2014);
  • “Knowledge Governance, Innovation and Development” in Brazilian Journal of Political Economy (fall 2010);
  • “Governing Finance and Knowledge” in Homo Oeconomicos special issue, “Schumpeter for Our Time” (spring 2010); and
  • “Innovation, Competition Policies and Intellectual Property—An Evolutionary Perspective and its Policy Implications” in N. Netanel (ed.), The Development Agenda; Global Intellectual Property and Developing Countries (OUP, 2009).


Leonardo Burlamaqui
Leonardo Burlamaqui
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